Rayzm Mandolin Strap, Genuine Leather Strap for Mandolin

Price: 15.99
Brand: Rayzm
Model No.: GS-5M
UPC: 603161076138
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  • Made of genuine leather, durable and lightweight. It is very soft for you to have a "broken in" feeling right out of the box.
  • Loop for headstock or scroll fastening, classic plain good-looking suits to any A and F type mandolin player or ukulele player.
  • A heavy duty metal buckle adjusts the length from 122 cm to 152 cm . The strap is very stable, no slipping during playing.
  • Consists of 2 leather pieces, 25mm wide * 4mm thick .It's a solid strap with a slight gloss on the front side & suede backing. Note : The color of the suede backing may vary due to Manufacturer Batch Changes.
  • The product is made of real leather and packed in a sealed package, so it might smell. We suggest you to leave it in open air for 1-2 days after receive it , so that the smell will go away.

Say goodbye to the cheap straps which dig into your shoulder and cause you pain. If you are looking for an extremely comfortable strap with high quality, then look no further. Rayzm music offer you several leather straps at affordable prices. They are made of genuine soft leather with fine workmanship. So stop worrying to get a throbbing pain on your back, shoulder and neck, just concentrate yourself completely at playing with the Rayzm straps and enjoy the music!

- Material: Genuine leather
- Length range : 122 cm to 152 cm
- Width: 2.5 cm
- Thickness : 4 mm
- Package size : 30*3*2 cm
- Weight :110 g

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