Rayzm Guitar Cable - 3m Professional Noiseless Gold Plated G

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Brand: Rayzm
Model No.: 3GCB-S
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  • Rayzm high-quality 6.35mm straight instrument cable is designed to offer clear, transparent tone(no static or noise from electrical interference etc)for professional musicians on both stage performance and studio practice.
  • The connectors are 24K real gold plated on both copper jacks, with sleek black zinc alloy die-cast shells not only for corrosion resistant, but also look classy. The interior soldered parts are nicely organized and covered with shrink wrapped rubber tube to have more durability.
  • Dual OFC (oxygen-free copper) 18AWG copper center conductors provide exceptional enhanced signal transfer and the best sound quality. The LOW 28pF/ft (Picofarads per foot)capacitance is the sweet-spot for uncolored tone.
  • It avoids handling noise with 100% shielded coverage coming from using 95% high-density tinned copper braiding, to ensure your tone comes through exactly the way you want it.
  • The outer black silk thread braiding jacket helps with abrasion resistance and protects the cable against cuts and breaks during use. It comes with a re-usable velcro strap to keep it organized and tight when not in use.



Product description


Size Name:3m

Rayzm high-end straight to straight 6.35 instrument cable lead is especially designed to reproduce the natural tones of your instrument with zero interference. 
Using only the finest materials, precision manufacturing methods, Rayzm music delivers a high performance cable for professional musicians for recording or live gigs.
Heavy-duty 24k Gold Plated copper connectors with strong interior solder points, low 28pF/ft capacitance, 
dual OFC 18AWG conductors are aimed to carry every bit of your precious tone and provides maximum reliability of connectivity.
Full coverage comes from using 95% high-density tinned copper braiding,eliminating handling noise and electric interference.
With dense outer silk thread braiding jacket,even when it tangles up it is easier to un-tangle than rubber jacket cable. 


Rayzm professional Male to Male TS Mono Straight Braided instrument cable cord for Guitar/Bass/Piano/Keyboard

-Plugs:Straight to Straight 6.35mm mono copper jacks with 24k gold plated
-Length: 3m
-Color : Black
-Conductor:2C X 18AWG
-Capacitance: 28pF/ft 
-PE insulator
-Conductive PVC
-100% shield coverage from using 95% high-density tinned copper braiding
-PVC Jacket
-Silk Thread Braiding Jacket

Packing: Each cable is wrapped with a velcro tie & a colorful sleeve in a sealed thick transparent plastic bag that avoid scratches to the connectors.

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