Rayzm Guitar Cable-3m Noiseless Guitar/Bass Cord

Price: 10.99
Brand: Rayzm
Model No.: 3GCB-Black
UPC: 603161075872
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  • 3m music wire is good for practice/studio work. UL certified & Rohs compliant, perfect for connecting your guitar/ bass/ piano/keyboards to an Amp or PA, It comes with a re-usable velcro strap to keep it organized and tight when not in use.
  • Right angle 6.35mm connector with solid nickel finish, is especially suitable when your guitar/bass kept plugged on a lower stand. Upon unscrewing the jacks, the interior soldered joints are covered with shrink wrapped rubber tube to prevent any damages and to ensure a long durability, or even you can do the repair work if needed. (Usually the connectors are exposed in most cheap guitar/bass cords)
  • Pure Oxygen-Free-Copper 22AWG conductor for a good level of conductivity and is wrapped in 5 layers of protective and isolating material with the top cloth coat to minimize the background noise and produce clear tone whether for professional musicians or amateur players.
  • The outer dense fabric braided cloth jacket not only makes it look nicer than the standard black rubber cable, but also protects the cable against cuts and breaks caused by frequently being wound and unwound rapidly.

A good cable is just as important as a good guitar or amp for any musicians. If you only use high end cables in the past, we sincerely hope you to try out Rayzm cables, we are confident you will change your opinion and give u the sound you are looking for. Rayzm cables are tested by millions of musicians that the background noises are very low or almost zero for an optimum audio output.

Features :
-The 90° angled jack musical instrument lead is a must to protect from fraying of the ends , eg : when your guitar/bass kept plugged on a stand, or if you have a jack input on the front of your instrument.
-Pure OFC (oxygen-free copper) 22AWG core to produce crystal clear sound. The soldered points inside the jacks are wrapped by a rubber sleeve to protect from damages, and this makes even easier to repair if needed.
-The outer braiding cloth is dense to help it slide around things more easily with fewer hangups and prevent the cable from being sticky and ruin your precious instruments.
-3m instrument cord with superior flexibility and a very attractive look and feel. Easy to pick out in a jumble of cables. As happens when gigging, setting up and clearing a stage of gear is never a slow process.

-Plugs:6.35mm mono copper plug with nickel finish, straight to "L" jacks
-Length: 3m
-Color : Black
-Conductor:1C X 22AWG
-PE insulator
-Conductive PVC
-99% Helical shield
-PVC Jacket
-Woven Cloth Jacket

Packing: Each cable is wrapped with a velcro tie & a colorful sleeve in a sealed thick transparent plastic bag that avoid scratches to the connectors.


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