Rayzm Drum Stick Bag with a Carry Handle and Floor Tom Hooks

Price: 13.99
Brand: Rayzm
Model No.: DB-1
UPC: 603161076169
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  • The Rayzm stick bag with a light cotton pad inside provides adequate protection to your drumsticks, is a good-value basic bag for drum players who like to keep things organized.
  • Solid construction to ensure a long time use, it is made of 600D polyester on the exterior and 400D polyester on the interior with a nylon carry handle and a metal zipper.
  • Two hooks are to hang the bag to our floor tom for easy access. An outer velcro closure pocket for storing your small accessories like drum key, snare cable, your phones, car key etc.
  • With unfold size of 46*45.5cm, it has enough space for keeping 8 to 12 pairs of drumsticks. 4 slots available for your sticks, is easy to grab the exact stick you need.
  • The drumstick bag is folded in a seal package,it will take some time to get wrinkles out and smell gone away.


This Rayzm drum stick bag gives you a handy way to store and transport the most important parts for your gig. It has 4 slots to keep 8 to 12 pairs of drumsticks, so that you don't get a ton of sticks in each slot. It is more easier to grab the exact stick you need if you drop one or have a quick stick change. And it also has an outside pocket to store your accessories like drum key, phones etc. Carry it around with the reinforced nylon handle and use the two hooks to attach your bag to your floor tom for easy access. It is a standard stick bag with great value.


Features :

- 4 pockets inside to keep maximum up to 12 pairs of drum sticks.

- One pocket outside to store the necessary parts like drum key, phone etc.

- Equipped with two hooks to hang it close by a floor tom for easy access to your sticks .

- A secure nylon carrying handle for safe transportation all around.

- Metal zipper and well stitching work will ensure long lasting use.

- Made of quality polyester, with a light padding to provide enough protection to your drumsticks.


Specifications :

- Material on the exterior : 600D Polyester

- Material on the interior: 400D Polyester

- Padding : light cotton

- Material of the carrying handle : Nylon

- Unfold size : 46*45.5*0.5cm

- Fold size : 46*23*1cm

- Package size : 25*23*1.5cm

- Weight : 300g


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